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CFMCC Yejian Company Staff Zhou Hansheng Won the First Prize of Metallurgical Technology Award
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:10 August 2017
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  According to the 2017 Annual Metallurgical Technology Award result published by China Iron and Steel Association and the Chinese Society for Metals, the Installation Technology & Application of Large Bridge Crane (Technique and Application of Beam Hoisting) that written by CFMCC Yejian Company staff Zhou Hansheng won the first prize of the frontline workers group, which is the first time for CFMCC staff to win this prize and is a historic breakthrough.

  The bridge crane is important hoisting equipment in the metallurgical industrial plant and its replacement has been a difficulty and risk point of the engineering technology. In order to solve the problem that the hoisting machinery is hard to arrange and hoist under the restricted condition, Zhou Hansheng, who has engaged in the hoisting work in the frontline for a long term, proposed a new method for hoisting “Beam Hoisting Method” which hoists the travelling crane parts by using the existing plant structure. He researched on the making of lifting appliances from stress system of the plant structure, the selection of power system and the node design, communicated with the design unit, made constant improvements on the construction site and finally formed the installation technology of the large bridge crane that required by the construction project, which successfully solved the hoisting problem in a closed and narrow space and has advantages in the aspects of shortening the construction period, cost reduction and energy conservation and emission reduction.

  This technology has received 1 invention patent and 4 utility model patents. More than 100 large bridge cranes have been installed after using this technology and it has brought direct economic benefits of more than 23 million yuan. The application and transforming of this technology achievement provides important reference value for the upgrading of the hoisting equipment in metallurgical industry. It has formed a set of technology with its own intellectual property rights and promoted the technology development of this industry.

  By Tao Xiaocui

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